Navigating the Depths: Marine and Offshore Engineering with Proglobal Marine Consultancy

We are one of the leading Ship repair companies. We also deal in procurement and fitting as well as inspection and fitness certificates for all type of spare parts.

Having a huge inventory helps us to meet the immediate needs of our clients.

Marine and offshore engineering is a fascinating blend of innovation, technology, and the uncharted waters of our oceans. Being at the forefront of this exciting profession is something we at ProGlobal Marine Consultancy take great pride in. Our goal is to push the envelope of what is deemed possible in the design, construction, and maintenance of innovative marine structures and systems. Now let's explore the many aspects of marine and offshore engineering and see how ProGlobal Marine Consultancy is leading the way in this field.


ProGlobal Marine offers excellent ship repair services all over the world, regardless of regional limitations. Our staff is committed to making sure your vessel performs at its best no matter where you are.


Navigating the complex world of spare parts for nautical vessels might be difficult, but do not panic! Our professional team provides a variety of specialist services that are specifically customized to your needs.

Urgent engine breakdown service

When your engine fails, time is critical. With our exceptional 24/7/365 customer support, we're only just a call away, ready to quickly resolve any engine breakdowns and keep you on track.

Reconditioning of ship's major parts

In today's marine environment, cost-effectiveness is critical. Our reconditioning services provide a cost-effective option, together with extensive surveys and inspections, to ensure the longevity and dependability of your vessel's essential components.

Anchored in Excellence: Exploring the World of Marine and Offshore Engineering

In the marine industry, ProGlobal Marine is the top international marine services provider. This subject is concerned with creating strong systems and buildings that can resist the extreme weather of the ocean. The objective is to guarantee the environmental sustainability, safety, and efficiency of all structures, including wind farms, ships, and submarines. To satisfy the severe requirements of the marine environment, ProGlobal Marine places a high priority on developing strong and environmentally responsible solutions.

Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms

Extracting oil and gas from beneath the ocean floor is a sophisticated and difficult task. ProGlobal marine Consultancy excels at designing and building offshore platforms that can endure the most extreme sea conditions. These platforms use innovative technology to drill, process, and transport hydrocarbons in an efficient and safe manner. Our team is committed to ensuring that all projects adhere to the highest safety and environmental requirements.