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ProGlobal Marine Consultancy is more than just another Naval architecture company; we are your reliable partner in innovation, providing a full range of services adapted to your marine engineering requirements. Naval architecture companies play a pivotal role in shaping the future of marine engineering, specializing in the design, construction, and optimization of marine vessels and offshore structures.

Main Engine and Aux Engine(2-stroke, 4 stroke)

Our team of expert marine surveyors will undertake complete inspections of vessels, structures, and marine equipment, giving you the confidence to get started on your nautical trip. From pre-purchase surveys to condition inspections, we offer comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations to ensure the safety and efficiency of your marine equipment.


With our state-of-the-art 3D modeling services, you may enter the future of marine engineering. We create beautiful visuals and accurate digital representations of your maritime thoughts using cutting-edge software and methods. Our 3D models offer priceless insights and facilitate decision-making, whether you're designing a new vessel or optimizing an existing structure.


Structural integrity is critical in the dynamic field of maritime engineering. Our structural analysis services use sophisticated methodologies to assess the strength and stability of marine constructions ranging from ship hulls to offshore platforms. We assist protect your marine projects from natural forces by identifying weaknesses and optimizing structural design.


With ProGlobal Marine Consultancy leading the way, you can confidently take on your maritime projects. Your maritime engineering projects are managed by our skilled project management individuals from the very beginning to the very end. By prioritizing effectiveness, excellence, and security, we guarantee that your projects remain on schedule, stay under budget, and produce outcomes that exceed your expectations.

Main Engine and Aux Engine(2-stroke, 4 stroke)

Crafting Waves of Success: Your Trusted Naval Architecture Company

Join us as we look at the changing landscape of naval architecture and the critical role that naval design companies play in determining the future of marine engineering. Together, we traverse the seas of innovation, setting a course for a more prosperous and sustainable marine industry.

Marine Consultancy

Having access to professional assistance and advice is essential in the constantly changing maritime sector. As your committed partner in marine consulting, we provide specialized solutions to meet your unique goals and difficulties. Whether you require support with regulatory compliance, technical specifications, or strategic planning, our team of marine professionals is ready to help you navigate the maritime setting.


Utilize our custom ship design services to steer towards innovation. Whether you want to build a new vessel from the ground up or adapt an existing design, our team of naval architects and engineers will collaborate with you to bring your idea to reality. Our vessels are optimized for performance, efficiency, and safety by combining our technical competence with creativity, from idea conception to final design.


Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a cornerstone of modern maritime engineering, transforming how we understand and optimize marine structures. ProGlobal Marine utilizes FEA to guarantee the highest level of performance, safety, and efficiency for offshore construction and marine vessels


Our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study services can provide you with a better understanding of the hydrodynamic performance of your marine assets. We examine the dynamics of fluid flow around ships, offshore structures, and marine equipment using sophisticated simulation techniques. We assist you in increasing efficiency, lowering fuel consumption, and reducing risks by modeling real-world scenarios and improving design parameters.