Expert Marine Consultancy Services for Optimal Operations

At ProGlobal Marine consultancy service, we pride ourselves on being a team of highly skilled Marine Engineers, Master Mariners, Naval Architects, CFD Engineers, and OEM Service Engineers. Our mission is to provide top-notch marine consulting services that keep your vessels in prime condition and your operations running without a hitch.

Our specialty is offering consultation and services, including overhauling and troubleshooting, for 2-stoke and 4-stroke engines, auxiliary machinery, CPP, and cranes. Our expertise lies in decreasing operational costs and downtime, which makes us your preferred choice for any marine consulting need.

It is not easy to navigate enormous oceans and conduct efficient marine operations. Marine consultancy services are useful in this situation. These services are necessary to guarantee the efficient, safe, and economical operation of ships and offshore operations. Let’s explore the field of maritime consulting and discover how Pro Global Marine can support you in overcoming any obstacle.

Auxiliary machines and CPP services

Key Auxiliary Machineries in Marine Operations

Auxiliary machines, including generators, pumps, and compressors, play a vital role in marine operations. Keeping these machines in top condition is essential for seamless operations.

Efficient Maritime Solutions:

At ProGlobal Marine, we focus on enhancing ship performance for successful maritime ventures. Our tailored fuel efficiency strategies reduce consumption, lowering operational costs and minimizing environmental impact. Trust us to align solutions with your operational needs, ensuring peak efficiency

Vessel Painting and Maintenance:

ProGlobal Marine is an established name in the marine business, providing specialist solutions for bulk carriers, chemicals, and oil tankers that are specifically designed to meet their cleaning demands. ProGlobal Marine, with a wealth of experience and knowledge, is committed to guaranteeing the highest standards of hygiene and safety for ships, which are essential for preserving operational effectiveness and legal compliance.

CFD analysis and BMS solutions

ProGlobal Marine’s expertise in CFD analysis and BMS solutions is unparalleled, and it is supported by a team of experienced specialists committed to producing outcomes that exceed expectations. Join ProGlobal Marine on a quest to achieve unprecedented efficiency, dependability, and success in the marine business.

ProGlobal Marine: Mastering Marine Consultancy Services

Our specialties include increasing vessel demand, boosting vessel value, and optimizing charter pricing . Our entire approach includes specialist services designed to assure the operating efficiency and safety of boats.

We provide meticulous vessel inspection services that include every area of a vessel’s physical structure, machinery, and safety systems.

ProGlobal Marine specializes in pre-vetting services, which ensure that vessels meet stringent requirements before engaging in charter agreements. Our pre-vetting procedures involve thorough scrutiny to ensure that vessels are suitable and acceptable for specific maritime activities.

Our Purpose, Direction, and People: Guiding the Way Forward

Our Success

Leaders don't follow paths, they make their way to success with unshakeable confidence and business Acumen. In ProGlobal Marine, we have pioneered a revolution and broken all the existing rules to create new set of rules that has become a benchmark to follow.


As Aristotle said “Pleasure in the JOB puts perfection in the work”A group of highly acclaimed individuals striving for perfection; Our team has a collective strength of qualified Marine Engineers, Master Mariners, Naval Architects, CFD Engineers and OEM Service Engineers.


We are committed to delivering exceptional, personalized and flexible service to our domestic & international customers. We understand our customer needs and work hard to provide innovative, creative and low cost solutions.


Our aim is to become a competitive, qualified and competent Company by having well managed resources and networks both in domestic and overseas.